January 5, 2011


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  • Marianda says:

    Awesome fotos!!!!!

  • Tandy says:

    stunning photo’s – you look so happy :)

  • Gorgeous, unique, fabulous!
    Love the photos. So sorry we were unable to attend.
    Wishing you an eternity of happiness together.
    Much love,

  • Malcom Ziman says:

    Hear Hear, to Nadine’s post!* ~ I can’t say it any better!

    Lots of Love, Malcolm

    * see above : )

  • Olena Crawford says:

    I’m speechless! Great memories — absolutely unique and oh, so stylish! Cara, you look stunning in your spectacular dress!
    ( And so much like your mom– so beautiful!)
    Have a wonderful life together and lots of more happy memories!
    With love,
    Olena, Wayne and Katya

  • Cilito Brookstein says:

    what stunning pics… of the most vibrant weddings we have ever attended!!!! Everyone looked stunning!

  • Karen says:

    Sjoe maar die Splenid Span was besig. Hierdie foto’s is ogelooflik, mal oor die kleure en al die graffitti. Die eerste foto met Cara is die BESTE!

  • Tarryn Lazarus says:

    These photos are incredible. You guys looked like you had such fun and really enjoyed your day! Sad I missed it! But glad I’ll get to spend time with u in London as a married couple :) All the best! xxx

  • Rob and Karen says:

    Only got to look at the photos today. I am upset I took so long. They are fabulous. We prey that you will remain as happy and in love as you look in these photos. Lotsaluv. Rob and Ka 28.Feb.2011


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